Asset/ Liability Analysis for Brooklyn, Queens & Manhattan Business Owners

As a business owner, it is often necessary to find resources to raise capital in order to fund growth. Even the healthiest balance sheets include some debt. There are many ways to raise the necessary funds, including equity financingdebt financing and hybrid financing. Each method has advantages and disadvantages to consider in order to determine which is best for your business. Cityline Tax offers Asset/Liability assessments to help businesses navigate the strategy of raising needed capital. Our financial accountants will provide clients a comprehensive Asset/Liability analysis on what the client can afford, from a tax perspective. In addition, our tax consultants will:

  • Evaluate current debt
  • Advise on how to manage current debt, including debt consolidation options
  • Assess assets/liabilities and make recommendations based on your business structure
  • Discuss any applicable tax deductions/benefits available
  • Help navigate the documentation process in order to gain necessary financing

Asset/Liability Analysis by Award Winning New York City Tax Firm

Cityline Tax has been offering New York City residents with sound financial and debt management advice for four decades. There is a reason why we have earned the title “Best Accounting Firm in New York City” five years in a row. Our debt financing advisors are dedicated to determining the best way to raise capital for your business. Over the years, our trusted financial advisors have helped clients find creative solutions including structured equity, convertible debt, second lien term loans, senior debt, mezzanine financing and “one stops.” From basic scenarios to more complex issues, our staff is ready to assist you with your debt and financing questions and concerns. Call us today at 347.295.1067 or fill out our contact form to schedule your free consultation.

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